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Exclusively for women. Choose from:
The Wellbeing Experience
Tailored Wellbeing for Treats, Gatherings, & Events

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A great way to relax and balance the night before your wedding, or as part of a treat for your friends, family or employees.

Available in the Yorkshire and Humber region:

Individual Treatments
Relax and indulge in a treatment ordered to your hotel room.  See the selection of treatments below.

Luxury Package

  • MoGaChi body movement session  
  • Group meditation of your choice (see below)
  • Luxury Neal’s Yard wellbeing basket
  • Individual 30 minute treatment
  • Rose quartz crystal channelled with loving reiki energy packaged in a velvet pouch

Price based on 2 people £350

Relax Package

  • Crystal relaxation meditation
  • Individual 30 minute treatment from the aromatherapy massage range or the ‘relax’ selection below
  • Blue lace agate crystal packaged in a velvet pouch
  • Optional – Neal’s yard wellbeing gift (£20pp)

Price based on 2 people £150

Balance Package

  • Chakra balancing meditation
  • Individual 30 minute treatment from the ‘balance’ range (see below)
  • Tigers eye crystal packaged in a velvet pouch
  • Optional – Neal’s yard wellbeing gift (£20pp)

Price based on 2 people £150

Choose your individual treatment for Relaxation:

Relax & Soothe Your Mind With Reiki
Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used which can be used as an aid to relaxing mind and body.  This treatment will work across core energy points down your central meridian, from the crown of your head to the base of your feet.

De-stress With Aromatherapy  
Preparing for your big day can leave you feeling stressed and tense.  Now you have arrived at your beautiful venue, it’s time to relax. As you breathe in the specially chosen essential oils, from Neal’s Yard Remedies, you will be eased into relaxation with meditation and massage on your neck, back and shoulders.  This meridian based therapy works in harmony with the oils to help regulate your mood, de-stress, and ease away tension.

Beauty Sleep Special
Sleep is so important for our health & wellbeing but in our modern day busy lives it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Relaxation techniques and specially chosen essential oils are combined with massage, energy zone work, and reiki; preparing your mind and body for a better nights sleep ahead of your important day.

Choose your individual treatment to bring Balance:

Aura & Chakra Balancing
Planning a wedding can be an emotional and stressful time, both of these emotions, and those of others close to us, can cause imbalances in our chakras (energy system), and our aura (or bio-field).  This treatment uses the vibrational energy of crystals to bring about balance throughout the body, and remove any negative emotions that may be present in your aura.

Reiki Balancing Treatment
This is an ancient Japanese technique which can be used to relax, balance, or heal. This treatment will focus on balancing your body’s energy and your emotions, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to enjoy your big day.  

Balancing Aromatherapy Massage
Using a specially created blend of beautiful essential oils, from Neal’s Yard Remedies, you will be eased into relaxation with aromatherapy massage on your neck, shoulders and shoulders. 

Choose your Meditation:

Research at the Harvard Medical School has shown that meditation decrease blood pressure and breathing rate, slows the heartbeat and lowers the metabolic state to levels similar to those found in deep sleep.  The changes in the brainwave pattern initiate a deeply relaxed, yet alert state. Regular meditation promotes a calmer sense of self and is so important in our modern world, which is often filled with busy minds, stress, anxiety, and fear.

Relaxation meditation
This meditation will melt the stress of the day away.  Focusing on mindfulness of the body’s stress and tension points, you will use focused breathing to promote calm and deep relaxation.

Balancing meditation
This meditation balances the bodies energy system through a chakra meditation.  If you’re feeling out of sorts and need a quick fix, or just want to maintain equilibrium, this is the meditation for you.

Healing meditation
Using the healing power of diaphragmatic breathing, this meditation will bring about calm in the mind and body, whilst Alison sends reiki healing energy to each participant.

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1) Your Event. Your Way

You can tailor a small wellbeing gathering or event exactly how you want it, here’s a few ideas for inspiration:

Jessica treated her team to MoGaChi and a relaxing meditation

Sally treated her bridesmaids to a relaxing crystal treatment with acupressure aromatherapy.

Louise had a night of meditation with her closest female friends.

Tara had a chakra and aura balancing party where guests could experience and buy crystals

Elizabeth had a group reiki meditation session with her friends

Contact Alison to discuss your wellbeing gathering or event, and make it one to remember.
E: | Message on facebook @360flourish | M: 0784 3478399

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