Stress, anxiety and other mental health issues are the second biggest reason for sickness absence, and are increasing year on year, costing UK organisations around £40 billion each year (CIPD Annual Report; Thriving at Work report, 2017).
According to the Workplace Wellbeing Index (2016/17), 1 in 10 employees rated their mental health as poor or very poor, at the time of the survey. Just under a third stated this was due to problems at work, with a further half saying it was due to a combination of problems in and outside of work. 40% had taken time off work as a result.  If staff turnover or ambivalence is high, this affects everyone in the team, your customers, and ultimately your business.

Workplace Wellbeing options:

Staff coaching & therapeutic support

Pop-up wellbeing clinic

A day of wellbeing


A small investment in regular workplace wellbeing will support staff to stay healthy and productive, and work towards reducing the financial burden that sickness absence causes.




Qualifications & Experience

Alison is qualified in all of the services she offers

  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy*
  • Reiki master practitioner and teacher
  • Therapeutic Massage practitioner
  • Aura & Chakra Healing  practitioner
  • Emotional Field Therapy practitioner
  • Coaching master classes taken in: NLP, Building Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness
  • Aromatherapy & Natural Health

*Please note that I use CBT as a tool within my interventions to support mind set shifts,  unearth limiting beliefs and aid healing; I am not a registered clinician and will refer clients requiring clinical intervention to registered clinical practitioners.

Contact Alison to discuss or book your workplace wellbeing 
E: | Message on facebook @360flourish | M: 0784 3478399

Supporting staff to live well and perform well 

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