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With over 16 years talking therapy experience, Alison is a qualified and experienced life coach who uses a range of psychotherapy tools and holistic therapies to super power the time you spend with her, she has become known as the ‘mind coach’.
Alison also worked as an approved volunteer coach for NHS staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region for over 11 years. 

Flourish Wellbeing by 360 Flourish

Talking therapies such as coaching & psychotherapy can support you with life situations
and mental health challenges, including:

Breaking unhelpful thought patterns
Taking control of anxiety
Letting go of past hurts
Moving on from emotional trauma
Managing grief
Getting a balance back in your life
Achieving life goals
Breaking down limiting beliefs
Managing stress
Dealing with depression
Finding joy in life again
Building healthy relationships
Stopping unhelpful habits
Improving mood
Overcoming irrational fears or panic
Gaining clarity over life purpose

Talking it Through

 Life can sometimes be challenging and finding someone to confide in, that can support and guide you to get back on track, is an important part of healing.   Alison provides a safe space for you to talk, and work through whatever you bring to the session.

I wanted to write to you to thank you [Alison] for the way you have guided me and given me clarity about a number of issues in my life – from starting my own business to sorting out what I achieve each day.
It’s just like talking to a friend but the conversations have a purpose and I always feel incredibly powerful and centred when we have finished chatting – ready to move forward.  I hope other people who have never experienced this take the leap of faith, it’s really brilliant and life changing


Mastering your Mind

We all experience difficult times in our life.  Sometimes we simply feel stuck in a rut and other times we may be experiencing loss, change, trauma or grief.  Working through or moving on from these situations can be a challenge on our own.   Using a blend of coaching and psychotherapy techniques, Alison can help you process what’s happening and get your brain back on your side by changing limiting beliefs or bothersome patterns of behaviour. 

Alison coached me for a 6 week block last year [2018]. Although I initially contacted Alison as a careers coach, she quickly identified that I would also benefit from some wellbeing coaching. Alison was supportive but challenging, and I made some very profound progress during our time together. I still utilise the techniques learned from my work with Alison, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a friendly, skilled, knowledgeable and challenging coach to push you in your career/life goals.

In 20 minutes or less, Alison was able to take me from a fairly lost uncomfortable place to real clarity with a problem.   She magically tuned in to my issue and helped me to visualise and personalise a dark thought, an inner negative voice, to the extent that it became almost lovable, and funny.   Something was diffused. I’ve waited for the voice to return so I could address it in a new way, it never has…but I’m waiting and prepared if it does


All round healing

Alison combines your talking therapy with Reiki for a complete mind-body healing experience; supporting you to relax, balance your energy and thoughts, and heal matters of the mind and heart.   

I can’t believe what’s happening, words can’t describe it.  The talking helps me process and be heard without bias or interruption, and the Reiki afterwards helps me relax.  The healing from what I believe is the Reiki is a miracle, I have more colour in my face.  Things that I have had to suffer with for 20 years are either not an issue or are reducing in pain.



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Ask Alison – Coaching clinic on call

This is another way to access support when you can’t work face to face with Alison. Think of ‘Ask Alison’ like a virtual first aid for mind and body.
These single requests for help and support are ideal if you’re feeling overwhelmed, facing a stressful or challenging situation.
This coaching ‘clinic on call’ service is £35 per request and aims to give you support within 24 hours.
Purchase and then make a request to Alison at 


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phone-2048157_640 Bookings can be made by contacting Alison on 0784 3478399.

 The Flourish Therapy Room is based in the East Yorkshire countryside (Skelton),
DN14 7RE.

Online appointments can be via Skype, messenger, video or voice call…



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