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With over 15 years talking therapy experience, Alison is a qualified and experienced life coach who uses a range of psychotherapy tools and holistic therapies to super power the time you spend with her.  Alison is also an approved volunteer coach and mentor for NHS staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

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360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Ask Alison – coaching clinic on call

This quick service is like a virtual first aid for mind and body.  You access the service with Alison by using messenger or email, this is ideal if you’re feeling overwhelmed, facing a stressful or challenging situation.  This coaching ‘clinic on call’ service will give you support within 24 hours. 

These single requests for help and support will tap into a whole range of tools, psychotherapy, and techniques that can help release tension, help you focus, relax, reframe, and overcome momentary anxiety or frustration.  Find out more

Support request – £15 

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Talking Therapy

Life can sometimes be challenging and finding someone to confide in, that can support and help you to get back on track, is an important part of healing.   Alison will provide a safe space for you to talk, and work through whatever you bring to the session.

Alison coached me for a 6 week block last year [2018]. Although I initially contacted Alison as a careers coach, she quickly identified that I would also benefit from some wellbeing coaching. Alison was supportive but challenging, and I made some very profound progress during our time together. I still utilise the techniques learned from my work with Alison, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a friendly, skilled, knowledgeable and challenging coach to push you in your career/life goals.

If you want to relax your mind prior or after the session, you can choose to add an aromatherapy treatment or guided meditation.

Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Individual session of 30 minutes – £25
Individual session of 45 minutes – £40
Individual session of 1 hour – £50
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Blended Psychotherapy & Coaching 

Designed to help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – case study.

Whatever you need
Sometimes we are not sure what we want or need.  If you are unsure which package or session to book, or if you think you might like bits from all of what Alison offers, then choose this.  As your therapist Alison will work intuitively with you to provide a rounded intervention that gives a safe space to talk and heal.  Alison is an experienced coach and therapist who is trained in a number of psychotherapy techniques, she will tap into whatever it is you need on the day.  You can also choose to add on time or treatments to one or more of your hourly sessions, at your discretion.
Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Try me once – 1 hour £50
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 
Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

I can’t believe what’s happening, words can’t describe it.  The talking helps me process and be heard without bias or interruption, and the Reiki afterwards helps me relax.  The healing from what I believe is the Reiki is a miracle, I have more colour in my face.  Things that I have had to suffer with for 20 years are either not an issue or are reducing in pain.

Power Sessions 
Most people benefit from four to six sessions of coaching when they’re working through a long standing or complex issue, however, I understand that sometimes you just want to fast track through to get where you need to be.  These sessions have been carefully designed to support you to do just this by combining several therapeutic interventions into one power session.
Your session will be tailored to your needs, typically starting with reiki to help you relax, balance your energy, and unblock any suppressed emotion.  There will be a main coaching session, starting with discovery, and Alison may use one or more psychotherapy tools to help you make a shift, (including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique).   Your session may use another form of therapy, for example a meditation combined with crystal therapy and aromatherapy.

In 20 minutes or less, Alison was able to take me from a fairly lost uncomfortable place to real clarity with a problem.   She magically tuned in to my issue and helped me to visualise and personalise a dark thought, an inner negative voice, to the extent that it became almost lovable, and funny.   Something was diffused. I’ve waited for the voice to return so I could address it in a new way, it never has…but I’m waiting and prepared if it does

Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Individual session of 2 hours – £95
Individual session of 3 hours – 140

Alison also offers four sets of blended psychotherapy and coaching in the following areas: 

Life Balance therapy set
We can often feel out of sorts in our life; perhaps some areas of our life are taking over, (like work), or maybe some areas of our life are lacking (like a relationship), or perhaps we’re not making enough time to do the things that bring us joy.  This course of sessions will take you from self discovery right through to achieving a more balanced life, where you can be your best and happiest self.   You will be supported throughout and in between sessions and leave with your own life balance tool kit  – related Blog
Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

I wanted to write to you to thank you [Alison] for the way you have guided me and given me clarity about a number of issues in my life – from starting my own business to sorting out what I achieve each day.
It’s just like talking to a friend but the conversations have a purpose and I always feel incredibly powerful and centred when we have finished chatting – ready to move forward.  I hope other people who have never experienced Life Coaching take the leap of faith, it’s really brilliant and life changing

Emotional Balance therapy set
We all experience difficult times in our life, whether that be loss, change, trauma or grief.  Working through or moving on from these situations can be a challenge on our own.  This course of sessions will help you to understand and connect to the emotion and support you to decide where you want to be, and help you to get there.  The sessions will include one or more techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), subtle energy moves, guided meditation and Reiki.  You will be supported throughout and in between sessions and leave with your own balance tool kit  – related blog 

Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

I had coaching with Alison because I was experiencing low mood, anxiety, and anger.  During the coaching Alison showed me how to tap [emotional freedom technique], it really helped me get my anxiety and anger under control and gave me something I could use outside of the sessions.  We also unearthed where the anger was coming from so that I could move beyond it. 

Building Resilience therapy set
Anxiety, low mood, panic, fear and phobias are extremely deliberating, but all are curable in an otherwise healthy person who is ready to let go of what is holding them back.  Sessions will include Reiki with one or more techniques such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and EFT (emotional freedom technique). You will be supported throughout and in between sessions and leave with your own resilience tool kit – related blog

Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

Working with Alison has helped me to overcome my anxiety, and find a sense of calm in my days

Balanced Thought therapy set
From childhood and throughout adulthood our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and values are shaped.   For the most part this is helpful, however, our primitive brain will delete and distort information to protect us, at a subconscious level.  This isn’t always helpful, and can leave us stuck in a rut about how we think, feel, behave and perceive the world around us.  Balanced thought coaching uses powerful techniques to support people to reframe thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and to change behavioural patterns, two of which are NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) – related blog
Free consultation available – 15 minutes
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

I’d carried that problem around with me for over 20 years, and now it’s not an issue
anymore! Thank you so much.

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an energy healing based on traditional Chinese medicine concepts, using several core pressure points across the body as a type of emotional and physical first aid.  EFT can be used for almost anything; overcoming emotional baggage, pain, anxiety, addiction, phobias, and much more.   Professionally coached EFT works by getting to the root cause, or working through the layers of ‘aspects’ that a client comes with, the coaching and tapping process then provides ‘emotional freedom’ from any issue, and hence healing.

Over the last fortnight I am amazed by the differences in me. My health, my attitude, my thoughts, my ability to deal with stress, my acceptance of things outside my control and of myself and others.

The Unseen Therapist.

If you want to relax your mind prior or after the session, you can choose to add an aromatherapy treatment.

Quick fix individual session of 30 minutes – £25
Coached individual session of 1 hour – £50
Course of 4 x 1 hour session – £180 

Course of 6 x 1 hour session – £270

phone-2048157_640 Bookings can be made on the 360 Flourish facebook page, at or by calling Alison on 0784 3478399.

Venue: Coaching can be face to face at the Flourish Therapy Room, in the East Yorkshire countryside (Skelton), or it can be done by video or audio call
(using video/call, messenger or similar).

Flourish Lotus

Loyalty Rewards
Every time you have a treatment, and every time a booking is made from one of your referrals, you earn a loyalty unicorn stamp.  When you have 8 stamps, you get to choose a 30 minute treatment, a little treat to you because we care.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are available from £10, or you can gift a treatment.
Gift vouchers can be sent to you or the person you are gifting to online, or you can buy a voucher card from the Flourish Therapy Room. 

Qualifications & Experience

Alison’s studies into natural health and alternative therapies started in 1988.  Her journey since has seen her combine her love of psychology and holistic wellbeing into her practice.

  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui/Holy fire III)
  • Crystal Reiki Master
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy*
  • Emotional Field Therapy practitioner
  • Therapeutic Massage practitioner
  • Aura & Chakra Healing   
  • Angelic Healing  
  • Coaching master classes taken in: NLP, Building Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness practice
  • Aromatherapy & Natural Health
  • CIPD qualified trainer

*Please note that I use CBT as a tool within my interventions to support mind set shifts,  unearth limiting beliefs and aid healing.  If you feel you need medical support you should contact your GP.

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