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Keeping your Mojo after 40!

Our bodies are a beautiful piece of engineering and we often take them for granted.  Without a full range of regular movement, and particularly as we move beyond 40, muscles and tendons will start to tighten, lose flexibility and eventually cause us physical issues, such as back or shoulder pain or shortened tendons.  Enter MoGaChi…


Relax with Aromatherapy

In 2001 I embarked on a learning journey into aromatherapy and natural health, which followed an already established passion in all things wellbeing.  That means when it comes to relaxing, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. This week I’m going to share with you the wonders of aromatherapy; where it started, how it works, what it works for, and a few oils … Read More Relax with Aromatherapy

Super Boost your Energy

If you’ve ever had ‘that’ morning feeling, or an afternoon slump, this blog is for you.  Super boost your energy in a morning and make sure you keep going to bedtime, then sleep like a baby. As the summer draws to a close and the Autumn draws nearer, we start to feel a shift in our bodies, and our energy levels.  This week I’ll … Read More Super Boost your Energy


Control your fear

If we let fear in it will consume us, control our thoughts, actions and reactions.  Fear that’s fed will grow big in our stomaches and strengthen in our minds, until it has won over our very being, and turned into a phobia that haunts us daily. This week I’ll share a my own (brief) story of anxiety that led to a fear and panic, … Read More Control your fear


Beat your inner critic with self compassion

Learn techniques to stop that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, because you are.


Lekke – It’s a happiness thing

I first came across the works of Meik Wiking a couple of years ago when he released ‘The little book of Hygge’ (or hoo ga). This is a man who heads up the Happiness Research Institute, what a job!  This week’s blog takes a look at what a Lekke lifestyle has to offer us in, is finding happiness really that easy?


Balance Your Life

When life is busy, or all of your energy is focused on a particular aspect of life, it’s easy to find yourself out of balance, and not paying enough attention to the other important areas of life. This is known as our ‘life balance’.   This week’s blog takes a practical look at checking where you are with your life balance, and an easy … Read More Balance Your Life


Build a Strong Mind

Human happiness is a fascinating topic, and not least the dimensions of our being that contribute to said happiness. I have spent (at least) the last 35 years intrigued with the human mind, both my own and others.  I’ve read countless books, articles and papers. I’ve pondered and chewed over what it is that makes some people happy with so little, and others who … Read More Build a Strong Mind