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Life after death – how to embrace grief so you don’t lose yourself

Embracing grief doesn’t mean getting over, or letting go of the person you lost, it means you just let yourself be.


Regain control of thoughts with tapping

Made popular in the Western world by Gary Craig, this amazing technique has thousands of case studies where people have healed emotional, physical and mental illnesses.  I have found in my own practice that EFT used alongside coaching provides a powerful therapeutic intervention.


Once upon a time, there was me… Part 3

All of my stories are true; my life, experiences, and what I’ve learnt.  I’m a work-in-progress, I’m not perfect but I’m listening and learning along the way. What does hope mean to you?  For me it means there’s a chance. It means I believe there’s a chance, a way, that things can be different or that I can see things differently.  It’s means there’s … Read More Once upon a time, there was me… Part 3