Stress releases cortisone into the body which immediately ‘fogs’ the mind, until the body and mind have regained calm, your brain functioning and productivity is impaired. 

Continual and high levels of stress build up cortisone in the body which can lead to a multitude of physical issues, including low energy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.  Your mental health will also be affected, and you may experience low mood, anxiety or depression.  For most of us, this can be avoided by building up our resilience (or coping mechanisms), and embracing a wellbeing lifestyle. 

A small investment in regular workplace wellbeing will support staff to stay healthy and productive, and work towards reducing the financial burden sickness absence causes.  

Workplace Wellbeing options:

Staff coaching & support

Pop-up wellbeing clinic

A day of wellbeing 


nhsqualitylogoI went to Alison about how I was feeling about work, I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t get to the bottom of why.  Over the four weeks Alison helped me to uncover the root cause, and it was nothing related to work at all but it was skewing my judgement on other areas of my life.  Afterwards I was feeling better than ever, and really enjoying work.


Psychotherapy & Coaching Setsheart-3147976_1280
There are four blended psychotherapy and coaching sets available, which have been designed to support individuals to get their wellbeing back on track, and provide a tool kit that will continue to support them beyond the four or six weeks.

4 weekly x 50 min sessions | £270pp or 4 client cluster £650 per day
6 weekly x 50 min sessions | £390pp or 4 client cluster £650 per day
On-site or Off-site | Private meeting room for on-site coaching


people-2559723_1280Talking Therapy
Life can sometimes be challenging and finding someone to confide in, that can support and help you to get back on track, is an important part of healing.  These sessions will support staff with a safe space to talk, and work through issues that are affecting their wellbeing.

4 weekly x 50 min sessions | £270pp or 4 client cluster £650 per day
6 weekly x 50 min sessions | £390pp or 4 client cluster £650 per day
On-site or Off-site | Private meeting room for on-site coaching


Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 13.14.39

Pop up Coaching Clinic
With a tool kit including resilience and relaxation techniques, energy medicine, visualisation, emotional freedom technique, cognitive behavioural therapy, and neuro linguistic programming, staff can come along and get a short but powerful intervention.

15 min session  (18 slots available) | £490 full day
15 min session  ( 9 slots available)  | £250 half day
On-site | private Meeting Room required


Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 13.09.29Coaching Clinic on Call
Get the same type of intervention as the ‘Pop up Coaching Clinic’ with the luxury of staff having access at any time through this on call service.  Coaching requests are logged at and answered within 24 hours, ideal when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed about a forthcoming event, want something to boost your energy or perhaps ease a niggling pain.

Annual cost per employee – £150 (fair use applies)

All prices  include:

  • The session(s), travel, setup/pack-up time, and swap over time if there are multiple groups. 
  • A 10% discount for staff on any private treatment they book privately at the Flourish Therapy Room.
  • A free monthly wellbeing article for publication in your internal communications.

Here’s a short video of Hudgell solicitors wellbeing day, featuring Alison who was invited to to undertake a group coaching session on workplace wellbeing, the session was finished off with a guided meditation to promote relaxation and balanced thought.
Staff also received a fact sheet with tools and techniques to harness a calm the mind.  



Contact Alison to discuss or book your workplace wellbeing 
E: | Message on facebook @360flourish | M: 0784 3478399

Supporting staff to live well and perform well 

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360 Flourish supports NHS staff through two discount providers:
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