Wellbeing is a combination of nurturing your mind and nourishing your body and soul.  

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Venue: Sessions can be held at the Flourish Therapy Room, in the East Yorkshire countryside of Skelton or done remotely via video/call.

Discover | Transform | Maintain

Using the method Alison has honed over the past 10 years, you will experience a deep self discovery that will support you to find your purpose, flush out negativity, and nurture your goals, so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Alison will give you respect and space for silence where it’s needed, listening to what you say, and what you don’t, to formulate a rich understanding.  Working together through whatever you have to bring to the table, Alison will support you to remove barriers and obstacles so that you can make that shift to where you want to be.

“Alison has helped me to push through my own doubts so I can see a positive future.

I wasn’t sure about the emotional/spiritual work before we started, but it’s weaved into the programme in such a way that it makes sense.  I feel a new sense of calm, and I know I can put myself first without feeling guilty.  If you’re ready to take control of your life and put yourself first, work with Alison”.

  • Skilled coaching to get to the root cause of issues, deeply ingrained habits, and limiting beliefs
  • EFT included to make the emotional shifts that are presenting in physical or mental states
  • For face to face sessions, other forms of energy healing can be included where these may be beneficial
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to get your brain on board, for lasting change
  • Throughout your journey you will experience a seamless blend of mentoring and coaching to support you to achieve a healthier mind and body
  • Messaging support in between sessions


“When I came to Alison I was lost; single and unhappy. 

I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted in life.  My energy levels were at an all time low and I felt unattractive.  The first two weeks of self discovery were tough, I cried a lot. Alison was always there to support and guide me and by session three I could already feel a change.  What happened afterwards felt like magic.  Following the programme I started to feel optimistic, have more energy and week by week I felt stronger, more in control.  Alison saved me, it’s that simple.  I will take this new knowledge and the tools Alison has given me to keep myself from ever feeling lost again. 

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 1: Discover

Initial discovery will take you through a holistic assessment of where you are now in life; mind, body and emotional/spiritual self, and where you want to be. 

Phase 1 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • Initial consultation
  • 4 weekly guided discovery sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Auto membership to the Flourish Club
  • 3 Live Well workbooks
    (Getting Started, Journal & Discovery Pack)
  • Messaging support between sessions

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 2: Transform

The transformation stage of your programme has been designed to support and empower you to transform your life.  Alison does this using a blend of the following

Phase 2 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • 4 weekly transform coaching sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Coaching on all four principles of our method
  • Transform workbook
    (including the ‘Think Well’, ‘Eat Well’ & ‘Workout Well’ principles & guidance )
  • Messaging support between sessions

*Your Live Well workbook is packed with information and links to other helpful resources. Within your workbook there’s space for you to record your goals and keep track of progress throughout your journey.

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 3: Maintain

To continue work on your long term goals, or make a lasting change to those you’ve implemented during the ‘Transform’ stage, the good habits, behaviour, and thinking you’ve developed need to be anchored.  During the ‘maintain’ stage, you will work with Alison to get ready for your onward journey, so that this becomes your way of life.

Phase 3 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • 4 weekly blended coaching & mentoring sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Maintain workbook
  • Messaging support between sessions

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Think Well

Have you ever set out with good intentions to live a happier, healthier or more joyful life, only to end up back where you started?  Yes? well that’s natural.  Our brains can, unwittingly, sabotage our good intentions.  Using a blend of NLP and CBT, weaved into the programme, we will get your brain on side and ready for change.  From there you will learn how to keep it in check, and develop your thinking for a calmer and happier mindset.  Each s

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Eat Well

Food impacts on our brain functioning and mood; the wrong food induces extreme highs and lows, and mood swings. When we nourish ourselves with good food, it works on both a mental and physical level. The right foods give us fuel and keeps our immune system healthy, and our metabolism in check.  It supports the functioning of our organs and the all important gut, it keeps our hair, skin and nails in tip top condition.  The programme helps you to understand the basics about fuelling your body properly, why it’s important, and supports you on your journey with lots of resources.

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Workout Well

Exercise not only contributes to our overall physical health and wellbeing but is essential for our mental wellbeing too.  As we get older, and without regular exercise, we will see a deterioration in our health, as well as our flexibility and muscle tone.  A good workout routine doesn’t have to dominate your life if done properly, and we should all aim for a more active life to keep our general fitness levels up.  The programme will help you learn more about the benefits of different forms of exercise and point you to lots of helpful resources.

live well_low res
Live Well

When life is busy, or all your energy is focused on a particular aspect of your life, it’s easy to find yourself out of balance, and not paying enough attention to other important areas of life. This is known as our ‘life balance’.  When we are out of balance for too long we feel this through emotional and physical states.  You may have a sense of frustration, sadness, longing, anxiety or just a general low mood.  You may also notice it in your weight (gain or loss), or the health of your hair, skin or energy levels. Finding balance is crucial to a happy and healthy life.  Using a discovery tool kit, you and your coach will evaluate where you are now, and set goals for where you need to be.

Frequently Asked Question’s

The Live Well programme investment is £1200 

The self directed course is £35
 Buy course materials now 

Additional Support to help you on your self directed journey:

Single coaching sessions can be booked for additional support:
30 minute session - £25 | 50 minute session - £45

Up to 90 day messaging support can be purchased 
for less than a 80 pence a day at £67

Ready to get started? Contact Alison at 360flourish@gmail.com or on 0784 3478399

Not the right programme for you?  Explore the Live Well programme – Health Recovery or Life Coaching sets

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