Wellbeing is a combination of nurturing your mind and nourishing your body and soul.  

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Using the method Alison has honed over the past 10 years, you will experience a deep self discovery that will support you to find your purpose, flush out negativity, and nurture your goals, so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Alison will give you respect and space for silence where it’s needed, listening to what you say, and what you don’t, to formulate a rich understanding.  Working together through whatever you have to bring to the table, Alison will support you to remove barriers and obstacles so that you can make that shift to where you want to be.

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  • Skilled coaching to get to the root cause of issues, deeply ingrained habits, and limiting beliefs
  • EFT included to make the emotional shifts that are presenting in physical or mental states
  • For face to face sessions, other forms of energy healing can be included if suitable
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to get your brain on board, for lasting change
  • Throughout your journey you will experience a seamless blend of mentoring and coaching to support you to achieve a healthier mind and body
360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 1: Discover

Initial discovery will take you through an holistic assessment of where you are now in life; mind, body and emotional/spiritual self, and where you want to be. 

Phase 1 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • Initial consultation
  • 4 weekly guided discovery sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Auto membership to the Flourish Club
  • 3 Live Well workbooks
    (Getting Started, Journal & Discovery Pack)
  • Optional bolt-on messaging support between sessions

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 2: Transform

The transformation stage of your programme has been designed to support and empower you to transform your life.  Alison does this using a blend of the following

Phase 2 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • 4 weekly transform coaching sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Coaching on all four principles of our method
  • Transform Live Well workbook
    (including the ‘Think Well’, ‘Eat Well’ & ‘Workout Well’ principles & guidance )
  • Optional bolt-on messaging support between sessions

*Your Live Well workbook is packed with information and links to other helpful resources. Within your workbook there’s space for you to record your goals and keep track of progress throughout your journey.

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To continue work on your long term goals, or make a lasting change to those you’ve implemented during the ‘Transform’ stage, the good habits, behaviour, and thinking you’ve developed need to be anchored.  During your ‘Embed’ stage, you will work with Alison to get ready for your onward journey, so that this becomes your way of life.

Phase 3 Package:

  • Available worldwide
  • 4 weekly blended coaching & mentoring sessions kicked off with relaxation
  • Embed Live Well workbook
  • Optional bolt-on messaging support between sessions

Live Well Method


Supporting you to be your best and happiest self

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