Wellbeing is a combination of nurturing your mind and nourishing your body and soul.  

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The programme works holistically across mind, body and soul to improve your overall wellbeing and support you in recovering or improving your life from ill health or long term conditions.

What will I get out of the programme?
  • You will learn how to nourish your body in order to reduce or remove the symptoms associated with ill health.
  • You will learn energy medicine routines to improve the health of your mind and body, as well as giving you more energy throughout the day.
  • You will have a tailored exercise routine, including Alison’s own MoGaChi body movement routine, to give you back a good range of movement and improve your physical and mental health.
  • You will learn how to nurture your mind and calm your thoughts in order to prevent mental health issues such as depression or severe anxiety setting in, often associated with long term conditions.  
  • Through emotional freedom technique and reiki healing sessions, you will heal your mind and body, and nourish your emotional/spiritual self.

Alison will be dedicated to your cause throughout the programme so that you can make that shift to where you want to be, and start to regain your good health and wellbeing for a happier life.


The programme follows three simple holistic principles:

think well_low resThink Well

Neuroscience research has proved that our brain patterns change through relaxation practices.  Using relaxation techniques, controlled breathing, meditation, and yoga, you will harness a stronger, calmer mind with a more peaceful disposition.


eat well_low resEat Well

Food impacts on our brain functioning and mood; the wrong food induces extreme highs and lows, and mood swings. When we nourish ourselves with good food, it works on both a mental and physical level. The right foods not only give us fuel, they keep our immune system healthy, support the functioning of our organs, and keep our metabolism in check.  The programme helps you to understand the basics about fuelling your body properly to reduce or remove symptoms of ill health as well as hooking you up with lots of resources to support you on your journey.


workout well_low resWorkout Well

Exercise not only contributes to our overall physical health and wellbeing but is essential for our mental wellbeing too; stimulating the formation of new brain cells and releasing mood enhancing endorphins, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and keeps depression at bay. This is particularly important for people with long term conditions who can be prone to depression.  Exercise also boosts our central nervous system, reduces illness relapses, and improves cognitive performance.

As we get older, and without regular exercise, we will naturally see a deterioration in our health, as well as our flexibility and muscle tone.  A good workout routine doesn’t have to dominate your life if done properly, but it should be daily and outdoors wherever possible. The programme will help you to tailor your own exercise plan, as well as learning Alison’s MoGaChi body movement routine.

Programme Outline

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 1: Discover

Initial discovery will take you through an holistic assessment of where you are now in terms of diet, exercise and mental stability; and review where you want and need to be.

  • Initial consultation to meet your coach, clear up any questions you might have before your start, and get your ready for the programme
  • Discovery session (up to 2 hours)
  • Workbooks issued: ‘Discovery’ and your ‘Journal’

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 2: Recover

Over the course of 4 weeks you will start your *recovery journey by receiving the following:

  • 4 face to face sessions that will be used for planning, goal work, learning, and practicing meditation (up to 1 hour each)
  • 4 MoGaChi body movement sessions (up to 1 hour each)
  • 2 Reiki healing and EFT sessions (up to 45 minutes)

*Recovery will be different for everyone, depending on your condition and commitment.  For some recovery may mean the reduction of symptoms, getting back more strength, feeling less overwhelmed, or having more energy throughout the day.

360 Flourish Symbol Transparent XSmall-01 (1)Phase 3: Maintain

You will work with Alison to get ready for your onward journey, ensuring your long term goals are in place and the changes you’ve made during the ‘recover’ phase continue to benefit your health and wellbeing:

  • 1 face to face session (up to 1 hour)
  • Personal plan
The Health Recovery programme investment is £600 

Additional Support available to help you on your journey:
Up to 90 day messaging support can be purchased for less than a 80 
pence a day at £67

For a more comprehensive food and fitness plan, 
a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer can be arranged.

Ready to get started? Contact Alison at 360flourish@gmail.com or on 0784 3478399

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