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Mind affects body.  Body affects mind.
Together, Alison & Nicky will guide you to heal both

Who’s this programme for?

The programme is aimed at anyone who has experienced invasive surgery, is recovering from an accident, major illness or living with a long term illness.

Give us your commitment and courage, and we’ll work with you to
transform your life

What’s involved?

Blended coaching and psychotherapy sessions to help you come to terms with the challenges you have, and are, facing regarding your health.  These sessions will also help you get to where you want to be with your health goals and mind set.

Reiki to support deep healing of mind, emotional self, and physical body.
This wonderful energy medicine will balance the body’s core energy system, which is knocked out of kilter by ill health and emotional trauma.

Nutritional therapy with tailored food plans to support balanced health and mood.  You will also learn how to nourish your own body in order to reduce or remove the symptoms associated with ill health, allow you to recover, and excel.

Subtle body movement which will include energy boosting routines to improve the health of mind and body.

Aromatherapy massage to relax the mind, flush out toxins, improve blood flow and the immune system, and ease tension in the body.

Meditation to help you master your mind and promote a sense of peace & calm to reduce associated issues such as anxiety, low mood, and mood swings.

You can also choose to add on a personal exercise programme to work at a deeper level on your fitness.  You will do that with our partner, James, who is a qualified personal trainer.  James will develop a programme to suit your needs and pace.

Introducing your therapists

Alison – Reiki Master & teacher, Alternative Therapist & Wellbeing Coach
Alison is an intuitive holistic therapist with over 15 years experience in the wellbeing sector.  Her aim is to support you to heal deeply, so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.


I can’t believe what’s happening, words can’t describe it.  The talking helps me process and be heard without bias or interruption, and the Reiki afterwards helps me relax.  The healing from what I believe is the Reiki is a miracle, I have more colour in my face.  Things that I have had to suffer with for 20 years are either not an issue or are reducing in pain.


Image result for the healthy humanNicky – Nutritional Therapist and Health Educator
Nicky is a holistic therapist, she treats the whole client,  considering all the factors that contribute towards a state of dis-ease (etiome).  Using her naturopathic perspective, nutritional, anatomy and physiology knowledge, to understand how the person has arrived at this point and how to get them to where they need to be for a happier and healthier life.

I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Nicky, i’m feeling great following my consultation 5 weeks ago, then starting on my new nutrition plan. Having an intolerance test 10 years ago, i decided it was time to see if things had changed…5 weeks on I’ve lost 4 kg and i’m feeling much less bloated


phone-2048157_640Ready for your recovery journey?
Text 0784 3478399 to arrange a call with Nicky and Alison

You may be able to negotiate home therapy sessions.  Our usual place of work is at our clinic for nutritional therapy at Cave Castle (South Cave – HU15 2EU),
and at the Flourish Therapy Rooms for your alternative therapies
(East Yorkshire countryside  of Skelton – DN14 7RE)  


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