Crystal treatments are one of the energy healing therapies and are great way to de-stress, unwind and relax.

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Why are Crystals used in Therapy?

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries and when scientists determined that atoms are not solid, but 99.999% empty space filled with energy in the forms of vibrations, that made crystal therapy somewhat easier to explain.  Everything on our earth is made of atoms, and energy.  Energy vibrates at different frequencies; for example, colour is created through vibrating energy and can be seen by some as a white light or golden glow around bodies, think ‘The Saint’ and his circular glowing crown.  Also check out images drawn by cavemen, which often show a glow of colour around their illustrations of man and woman.  This ‘glow’ is known as our aura. All crystals have energy and their own vibrations.  A quartz crystal has a particularly powerful vibration, and is still used today in watches and clocks to pulse the second hand around.  Dr Valerie Hunt, who sadly passed in 2014, was a pioneer for energy medicine, and as a scientist spent many years dedicated to proving the aura existed through her research.

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How Does it Work?

If you are having a ‘Crystal Relaxation’ session, Alison will place a single crystal on your crown and another on your solar plexus.  You will be eased into relaxation with aromatherapy massage on 5 acupressure points.  As you breathe in the beautiful essential oils the crystal and acupressure will work in harmony to give you a wonderfully relaxing experience, easing away tension and promoting a better nights sleep.

If you are having crystal therapy as part of an Aura and Chakra healing session, crystals will be placed on each of the 7 main chakras.  For the 50 and 90 minute sessions there will also be 21 crystals placed around your minor chakras, promoting balance and healing.  The crystals work to balance a persons energy to circulate freely and remove any blockages in the aura, bringing about good health and wellbeing.

I’d had a heavy week at work and with my husband away all of the jobs around the house and looking after the kids fell to me.  When the weekend came, I went for a crystal relaxation treatment.  It helped to soothe away the week’s stresses and left me feeling relaxed and back to normal

Celeb fans include Victoria and David Beckham, Adele, Miranda Kerr and Elizabeth Taylor.

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Experience the Power of Crystals

For the individual sessions, you can choose to have a short 30 minute crystal relaxation session, ideal as a quick way to de-stress and relax after a busy day, or indulge in a longer 50 minute relaxation session for deep relaxation.

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Want to Give it a Try on Your Own?

To book or discuss a treatment or therapy, contact Alison using one of the following methods:

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