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Alison is a Crystal Reiki Master and uses these beautiful and powerful stones as a tool to remove negative energy, heal and recharge the mind and body, and to enhance relaxation and meditation.  

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aura-1063278_1280Chakra Balancing
(simply crystals)
40 minutes*

Every day our energy is affected by the things we do, the emotions we have, what we eat, the air we breathe, the events that take place, and those around us.  Imbalances in our chakras can occur, and to begin with you may sense this from feeling ‘out of sorts’, irritated or a bit low.  This is the time for chakra balancing.  This technique originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC, and is used to balance the energy flowing through your body.  Find out more about the core chakras

Aura & Chakra Healing
(crystals & Reiki)
60 minutes*
Long standing imbalances in the main chakras causes blockages of energy throughout the body, which ultimately leads to blockages in the minor chakras and damage to our aura.  When this happens you may notice issues such as a lack of energy, anxiety, physical pain and even disease.  This old Indian technique is used to remove blockages, heal the aura and balance the energy throughout the body

Chakra Healing
(Sound bath &
40 minutes*
This is healing the associated physical and mental states of blocked chakras.  Look at the list below to see which one resonates with you.  If you associate with two or more, you can either link treatments consecutively, or choose the ‘Aura & Chakra Healing’ treatment instead

Crown chakra – have clarity of mind
Third eye chakra – release anxiety & stress
Throat chakra – find your voice, speak out with love
Heart chakra – open up your heart centre to give and receive love
Solar plexus – boost self confidence & self esteem
Sacral chakra – let go of draining emotions
Root chakra – let go of fear & worry



Release Anxiety
(crystals combined with essential oils & EFT)
40 minutes

If you are experiencing anxiety, nervousness or worry, this treatment focuses on calming the mind and helping you to let go of limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns using Emotional Freedom Technique, lavender essential oil and a Lepidolite crystal to  promote a greater sense of calm and peace.

Boost your Self-worth
(crystals combined with essential oils & EFT)
40 minutes

At times we can doubt our worth or value, it may be that you grew up being taught you had no value or you may have fostered this belief later in life.  Either way this treatment offers the start of an escape from those beliefs.  Using Emotional Freedom Technique to break down limiting beliefs, bergamot essential oil and a Rhodochrosite crystal.

Heal Emotional Trauma
(crystals combined with essential oils & Reiki)
40 minutes
This treatment is perfect after an emotional shock or trauma.  It will focus on healing at a deep level, using Neroli essential oil, Reiki, and a Rainbow Obsidian crystal.

Detox: Mind, body & spirit
(crystals combined with essential oils & Reiki)
40 minutes
The beautiful Shungite crystal works to neutralise toxicities produced from environmental pollutants, damaging thoughts and emotions, and electromagnetic fields, combined with the Frankincense essential oil and Reiki.

Happiness boost
(crystals combined with essential oils & CBT)
40 minutes
This treatment helps you move on from sadness or low mood by shifting the brain to focus on happiness.  Using a little Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with lemongrass essential oil, and a Citrine crystal.

Heal with Angels
(crystals combined with Angelic healing therapy & essential oils)
40 minutes*
Angelite is a beautiful crystal that gently vibrates to the frequency of your guardian angel.  Alison will call upon other Angels from the 3rd sphere to support your healing and protection.  Lemongrass essential oil is used in this treatment; known as a spiritual cleanser, revitalising and purifying the body, mind, and soul.  It is said that the vibrations raised in the user, by this oil, allows Angels to connect with your spiritual consciousness to send feelings of happiness and calm.

Menopause Relief
(crystals, Reiki & aromatherapy massage)
60 minutes

The menopause can bring along challenges to mind and body, including anxiety, low mood, mood swings, aches, pains, hot flashes and poor sleep.  This treatment can support you through this change in your life by offering a session that promotes relaxation, deep sleep, balance and healing.  The treatment starts with aromatherapy back and neck massage before moving onto a Reiki session using selected crystals, working together to support the body’s natural transformation process.


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