Relax with a crystal.

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries across the world.   They are said to be able to take away negative energy and recharge us physically and mentally.  Everything on our earth is made of atoms, and energy, and that of course includes crystals.  This energy vibrates at different frequencies, a set of chakra crystals for example will each vibrate at their own frequency.  A quartz crystal has a particularly powerful vibration, I use clear quartz on the 21 minor chakras during treatments.  Indeed, quartz is still used today in watches and clocks to pulse the second hand around.

Each type of crystal is used for specific healing, balancing or relaxation.  Celeb fans of crystal healing include Victoria and David Beckham, Adele, Miranda Kerr and Elizabeth Taylor.

You can book a crystal treatment with me if you’d prefer, view these on our treatments page, or try the exercise below for yourself.

Step-by-step Exercise

Trust your intuition as you proceed through this exercise, if you feel something, go with it, don’t question or analyse it.

  1. Select a crystal that suits your needs or that you are drawn to.  If you’re not sure, go for quartz.  These are the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet, and are particularly good for promoting balance and harmony.
  2. Cleanse and tune your crystal (see below).  Crystals that you buy will have residual energy from everyone who has touched them, some of this may be negative or dark energy and must be removed before you use it.
  3. Select a time where you can be at peace and undisturbed, and a place where you can lay down in comfort.  Hold your crystal in your hand and look at it for a few seconds before closing your eyes.
  4. Focus on your connection with the crystal.  Visualise the crystal in your mind and feel its energy vibrate (you may feel it as a tingle or heat).
  5. Imagine a healing white light coming from the crystal and in through the top of your head and down through your whole body.
  6. When you’re ready, place the crystal on the part of your body where you feel you need it.  It could be somewhere that feels particularly tense or stressed.
  7. Visualise the crystal absorbing any dark energy, any negativity, stress, tension or anxiety, drawing it away from you and replacing it with a loving and calming white light of serenity.
  8.  Continue until your body feels relaxed and cleansed of any tension or stress.

Cleansing your crystal
There are a number of ways to cleanse crystals but the simplest is in a bowl of water.  Leave for 24 hours then remove from the water and allow it to dry naturally or pat it dry.

Tuning your crystal

  1. Hold it in one of your hands (whichever feels right for you).
  2. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, breathing in through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth (deep and slow).
  3. Place your other hand over top (hovering rather than touching) and imagine a ray of white light surrounding your hands, bathing you and the crystal.
  4. Focus on the purpose for which you want to use the crystal and state this aloud, for example ‘I intend this crystal to be used as a tool for stress relief’.

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Buy a ready cleansed crystal empowered with Reiki energy

You can choose to buy a clear quartz from me cleansed and empowered with Reiki energy.  All you need to when you receive your crystal is tune it for your purpose.

Clear quartz crystal cleansed & empowered with reiki energy – £5 | Buy Now *

You can also purchase:
A boxed chakra crystal set – £12 | Buy Now *
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We aim to process all orders within 24 hours of purchase.  If you’ve chosen to have a clear quartz crystal prepared, this process itself takes 25 hours.

*Your order will be posted by Royal Mail, 1st class post.

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