Gain greater control of your health with the coaching ‘clinic on call’ –
Designed so you can access help and support when you need it the most

What might I use this service for?

*This quick service is like a virtual first aid, and is here for you whether you’re feeling emotional, mental of physical dis-ease.  You might be feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or have a challenging situation or dilemma that you are stuck with, or you may be worrying about an event that is looming which is causing you indecisiveness, panic or sleeplessness. 

I was really concerned about an event, to the point I wasn’t sleeping and my anxiety levels were sky high.  Alison gave me a visualisation and affirmation technique that helped remove the anxiety and concern

How does it work?

You make contact with Alison using either of the methods in the section ‘make a request’ (below), Alison will pick up your message and review your request.   Alison will respond with your tailored support advice within 24 hours.

To speed the process up,  please provide the following information within your facebook messenger request:

  • Briefly describe what the issue is
  • In addition, are you experiencing any discomfort in the body?
  • Are you otherwise in good health?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you taking any medication?

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Any techniques recommended will not be invasive and safe to use.  They are not intended to replace medical advice and treatment where you need it for existing or serious conditions.  Always check with your doctor before making any changes to current treatments/medication and seek their advice if you have any concerns.
Coaching type advice will be given from Alison’s extensive experience and broad knowledge base of psychological and holistic tools and techniques.  It is always your choice to implement the advice, or not.

Make a Request 

Your request is secured with an online payment of £15 Buy Now

Once you confirm your payment, there are 2 ways you can make a request for support:

  1. Leave a private message on the 360 Flourish facebook business page (click this link to @360flourish and then click on the button to ‘send message’.
  2.  Use the form below

Always here to support you to live your best and happiest life.

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