Alison was first attuned to Reiki in 2006 and qualified as a Usui/holy fire III Reiki Ryoho Master with the International Centre for Reiki Training under William Lee Rand.  Alison is committed to personal developed so that clients receive the highest standards of treatment and teaching.

British Reiki Circle – Licensed Reiki Master Teachers

BRC Logo - Master Teacher (1)Alison is the founder of the British Reiki Circle and a BRC Licensed Reiki Master Teacher.  All BRC LRMT’s have completed their Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki Master training with Alison face to face.  They will have committed to an advanced course, that takes at least one year to complete, and includes taking all required classes, a written examination and the submission of a case study, along with practising a minimum of 100 complete Reiki treatments.  BRC LRMT status is awarded upon completion of this curriculum and meeting the standards of teaching the full suite of Reiki Practitioner teachings through observation by Alison.

To maintain their license, each teacher must be committed to CPD in Reiki and related areas that enhance Reiki and the teaching of it, in addition to being committed to their own healing through practice and living the Reiki Ideals.  They agree to support the BRC philosophy and purpose, and abide by a code of ethics and minimum teaching standards.

These high standards will allow our BRC LRMTs to provide the highest quality of Reiki teachings that is consistent and verifiable. 

BRC Affiliate Members

BRC Logo - Affiliate Member
BRC affiliate members are those who are known to Alison and abide by a code of ethics, are committed to personal development and Reiki practice.  Members include; Reiki practitioners or masters who have trained under Alison, (and may also be working toward the licensed status), and those who are known to Alison through training or having worked in collaboration together.

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Katy McBride – Wild Soul Connection
Based in Staffordshire
Katy offer Reiki and reflexology treatments
Contact M: 07462202328 | E:

Fiona Joyce 
Based in Jersey – Channel Islands
Fiona teaches Reiki and sound healing
Contact T: 01 534 866819 | E:

Every Reiki practitioner can trace their lineage back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. This is Alison’s lineage.


As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I make sure I give myself boosts of energy and healing Reiki, along with practices of meditation, yoga and tai chi on a regular basis to maintain equilibrium.

Reiki energy is not equal in all practitioners, even if they have had the same Reiki master teacher.  To channel the energy to higher vibrations one must commit to a Reiki lifestyle, which includes practice, meditation, giving and receiving Reiki, aspiring to the Reiki ideals, and possibly some lifestyle changes to your diet (if you want to tune in at a higher level).

Qualifications & Experience

Alison’s studies into natural health and alternative therapies started in 1988.

  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui/Holy fire III)
  • Crystal Reiki Master
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy*
  • Therapeutic Massage practitioner
  • Aura & Chakra Healing  practitioner
  • Emotional Field Therapy practitioner
  • Crystal Therapy 
  • Angelic Healing  
  • Coaching master classes taken in: NLP, Building Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness practice
  • Aromatherapy & Natural Health

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