Wellbeing Wrap – Edition 2

Wellbeing Wrap is a round up of what’s hot in the world of wellbeing, along with practical tips, things you can try out, and lots more… 

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Wellbeing Wrap – Edition 1

Wellbeing Wrap is a round up of what’s hot in the world of wellbeing, along with practical tips, things you can try out, and lots more… 

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One day I woke up, and everything changed

Wellbeing and wellness are the words of the moment when it comes to looking after ourselves, but what do those words mean to you?  When I hit rock bottom I knew things had to change, or I wouldn’t be around to see my 50th year.  Then I woke up to what wellbeing meant, and everything changed.

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Animal Reiki Case Study

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing and effective energy healing technique.  It’s non-invasive and safe for everyone, and everything.  Animals are generally very receptive to reiki, naturally understanding that it is going to help them heal.

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Coaching Therapy Case Study

Life coaching is a powerful talking therapy that has its roots in psychology.  *Julie came for emotional balance coaching and it was to be the start of a journey that would change her life.

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Healing Case Study

Reiki was used with *Lisa to support both an emotional and physical healing need.

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The Gift of Gratitude

When we take pleasure in the things that bring us joy, the things that make us laugh, smile, or sigh with heartfelt warmth, that is the simplest form of gratitude.

Gratitude brings many gifts to our lives; which could be beneficial to one or more of emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health and wellbeing.  Showing and feeling gratitude can occur at a subconscious level, or may be a mindful act, either way the benefits of raising our inward and outward gratitude are plentiful.  In this week’s blog I’ll share how it benefits us (and others), and how to raise your mindful gratitude.

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The Magic of Mindfulness

When did you stop noticing the wonderful things around you, within you, and beside you? When did you stop dancing?

If you’re life is mainly rushing by at a 100 miles an hour, and you’re somehow just not content or happy with you lot, my friend, you need to explore the wonderful world of mindfulness.

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Sleep: Are you getting enough quality zzz’s?

Most of us are not getting enough sleep, but it’s more complex than you might think.

Some of the facts around sleep, and its role on our health and wellbeing, are still a mystery, even to scientists.  The Daily Mirror reported that one survey found that “Nearly a third of the population are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health”.  This survey of the nation’s sleep habits found that 30% of people are severely sleep deprived, placing them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.

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Finding Life Balance

In our busy lives it’s easy to get out of balance.  We may focus too much energy on a particular aspect of life, whilst not paying enough attention to the other important areas of life.  This is known as our ‘life balance’  

This week’s blog takes a peek at the warning signs when life balance is not in play, and  gives a practical tool for you to check your own life balance, with an easy first stage activity to getting it back on track Continue reading “Finding Life Balance”


Super Charge your Resilience

You don’t have to be a super hero or have special powers to build your resilience, you just need a little know-how, and a lot of the right mind set.

I’m going to talk about resilience from two angles here, the ability to bounce back when you’ve taken a knock in life, and the in-the-moment resilience when you hit a stressful or scary situation.  I’ll kick off with my own resilience story to give you some insight into my own journey. Continue reading “Super Charge your Resilience”


The Healing Power of Meditation

Neurological studies have proven that meditation changes the brain, promoting wellbeing across mind, body and soul.  In our chaotic world, could meditation be the answer to all of our problems?

In this week’s wellbeing blog I’ll share my own journey into meditation and the three guided meditations I use with clients; one to relax, one to balance and one to heal. Continue reading “The Healing Power of Meditation”