Relax with Aromatherapy

In 2001 I embarked on a learning journey into aromatherapy and natural health, which followed an already established passion in all things wellbeing.  That means when it comes to relaxing, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

This week I’m going to share with you the wonders of aromatherapy; where it started, how it works, what it works for, and a few oils to get your aroma-juices flowing. Continue reading “Relax with Aromatherapy”


Super Boost your Energy

If you’ve ever had ‘that’ morning feeling, or an afternoon slump, this blog is for you.  Super boost your energy in a morning and make sure you keep going to bedtime, then sleep like a baby.

As the summer draws to a close and the Autumn draws nearer, we start to feel a shift in our bodies, and our energy levels.  This week I’ll take a short dip into the science behind that shift,  give you a couple of energy routines and some key pointers for keeping your energy boosted. Continue reading “Super Boost your Energy”


Control your fear

If we let fear in it will consume us, control our thoughts, actions and reactions.  Fear that’s fed will grow big in our stomaches and strengthen in our minds, until it has won over our very being, and turned into a phobia that haunts us daily.

This week I’ll share a my own (brief) story of anxiety that led to a fear and panic, a little bit about the science of what happens to us physically and mentally, and give you some practical techniques you can try. Continue reading “Control your fear”


Beat your inner critic with self compassion

When we accept who we are, all of who we are, and know that we are good enough in every way, something magical happens.

For many of us our self critic is an ever present voice in our head or feeling in the pit of our stomaches.  This week’s wellbeing blog addresses how this critic grows and how to control it. Continue reading “Beat your inner critic with self compassion”


Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a form of natural healing that was developed in 18th century Japan by a Buddhist monk named Usui Sensei.

Reiki works holistically across mind, body, spiritual and emotional self.  Healing mental and physical pain and discomfort.  This week’s blog will give a brief history to reiki, what it’s helpful for, and how it’s used. Continue reading “Healing with Reiki”


Healing with Acupressure

The ancient art of acupressure can relieve aches and pains, remove energy blockages and restore the body’s balance

Acupressure brings quick relief in many situations where stress and tension start to show in our bodies.  This technique is based on the theory that good health depends on the free movement of energy around the body*. Continue reading “Healing with Acupressure”


Stress: the facts & fixes

You may not be able to avoid stress altogether, but you can learn resilience against it, and lessen the negative effects of stress.

Stress, especially that relating to work, is stated as the second most frequent health problem, impacting one third of employed people in the European Union (Varvogli & Darviri, 2011).  Although stress is a part of life, and a little bit won’t do you any harm, raised  levels of stress without down time will affect your health.  This week’s blog has a quick peek into the science before giving you lots of tools and techniques to use. Continue reading “Stress: the facts & fixes”


Healing your Chakras & Aura

You could call this therapy an ‘energy psychology’ or ‘energy medicine’, we all have energy in and around us, but how do we use it to heal?

This week’s wellbeing blog takes a look into chakra and aura healing, how it works and what it’s helpful for. Continue reading “Healing your Chakras & Aura”


Relax & Balance with Crystals

Crystal therapy is one of the energy healing therapies and has been used for centuries.  

Whilst some may still dismiss holistic therapies such as crystal therapy, there’s no denying the power of the energy that sits within and around us.   Crystals have been used for centuries to heal and relax. Continue reading “Relax & Balance with Crystals”


Healing through Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is part of a therapy suite known as ‘energy psychology’.  

Made popular in the Western world by Gary Craig, this amazing technique has thousands of case studies where people have healed emotional, physical and mental illnesses. Here I talk about where it came from, what it is and how it works. Continue reading “Healing through Tapping”


Lekke – It’s a happiness thing

I first came across the works of Meik Wiking a couple of years ago when he released ‘The little book of Hygge’ (or hoo ga). This is a man who heads up the Happiness Research Institute, what a job! 

This week’s blog takes a look at what a Lekke lifestyle has to offer us in, is finding happiness really that easy? Continue reading “Lekke – It’s a happiness thing”


This Week with Alison – 27 April 18

‘This Week with Alison’ is about sharing whatever I’ve been mulling over, reflecting on, discussing, reading, learning, practicing or generally tinkering with this week.  

This week read about gut health, my visit to the cats and what I’ve been up to at mHabitat Continue reading “This Week with Alison – 27 April 18”