Alison’s studies of aromatherapy and natural health go back to 1988, this was the start of her journey into holistic health, and has inspired today’s range of beautiful treatments.
This uniquely crafted treatment range is designed to help you relax, balance, and/or heal.  Each session will use a combination of aromatherapy through essential oils and massage, some of the treatments will be combined with crystal work and all treatments can have a touch of reiki, at the customer’s discretion.Flourish Wellbeing by 360 Flourish

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Treatments done at the Flourish Therapy Room in the East Yorkshire countryside of Skelton, DN14 7RE.  Alison also does pop up days in other locations, ask for details.

Regular massage combined with aromatherapy has so many benefits to us, these include:  relaxation, promoting a calm mind, stimulating blood flow and the lymphatic system (which governs our immune system and removes toxins from our body), calming of the nervous system, ease muscle aches and pains, and in promoting healthy skin and cell growth.

Head & Body Massages:

Relax back, neck & shoulder
Using a blend of beautiful essential oils, relax with this traditional back, neck, and shoulder massage.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Sports recovery back, neck & shoulder
Using a specific blend of essential oils known to relax and support muscle recovery, this is the perfect way to ease tension after your sports activity.
Request a sports recovery bath soak for only £5 when you book your massage.  Made with the same essential oils and added to 100% dead sea salt, giving your body a boost of salts and natural minerals.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Bergamot – Head & scalp 
This relaxing massage works up from the face and neck and onto the scalp, soothing bergamot essential oil will also give a health boost to the scalp and hair.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Peppermint – Headache release
This is a wonderful massage that releases the tension held in the thin layer of muscle around the head.  If you suffer from stress, tension headaches, eye strain, and tightness in this area, this treatment will soothe and heal.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25
Note: 24 hours skin test required for sensitive skin – alternative oil can be used


Alison’s facials are a unique combination of essential oils, massage and crystal work.  Using an ancient Chinese technique Alison will begin with ‘skin soothing’ using a Gua Sha (flat crystal) which works to  stimulate circulation and boost collagen and elastin.  Alison will then use a jade (crystal) roller before moving onto a hands on massage.  Together the massage, crystals, and essential oils work to improve the appearance of skin, smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, firm face contour, detoxify, brighten, reduce dark circles and eliminate puffiness around the eye.

You can also choose to have your facial conducted with reiki energy for an extra boost of relaxation and healing.

Roman Camomile – Soothing facial 
Roman camomile helps to calm the skin and reduce redness.  Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin types.
The wonderful aroma of camomile helps to melt away stress and a soothes a busy mind.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Frankincense – Revitalising facial 
Frankincense essential oil is a perfect match for maturer skin, helping to tone and revitalise the skin.  Suitable for all skin types
Breathing in the earthy smell of frankincense is evidenced to calm the nervous system, and aid a meditative state. All you have to do is enjoy being pampered.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Neroli & Lavender – Balancing, toning & rejuvenating 
This treatment uses a blend of neroli and lavender to balance the skin and stimulate new growth of healthy skin cells.  Suitable for all skin types
Breath deeply the equal blend of lavender and neroli to calm the mind, relax, and lift your spirits.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Hand & Foot massages:

Lavender – Soothing chakra hand
Calming and healing lavender essential oil will be used with a drop of lemongrass oil to cleanse and improve the appearance of the skin.  The mind soothing Japanese technique will be blended with chakra balancing and a traditional hand massage to provide comforting relief to tired hands and stiff joints.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25

Lemongrass – Weary feet reviver
Feet get a hard time so this wonderful foot massage will help to relax and revive tired feet.  The lemongrass will be blended with a drop of lavender to aid healing and a mix of grapeseed and sweet almond oil to nourish the skin.
Appointment time 30 minutes – £25
Note: 24 hours skin test required for sensitive skin


Relaxation special – soothe your cares away
Soothe your mind with this wonderful treatment that will have you melting into relaxation across mind and body.
You will begin your treatment with a mind and body relaxation technique, followed by a soothing back, shoulder and neck massage using beautifully blended essential oils. The final part of the treatment will promote relaxation of your mind through the use of reiki
Appointment time 1 hour 10 minutes – £55

Recharge & de-stress
This treatment starts with a relaxing meditation to empty your mind from busy thoughts, then moves onto 3 aromatherapy massages of your choice from the £25 range, below.
Appointment time 1 hour 30 minutes – £75

Aromatic – healing & balancing energy
Whilst a special blend of aromatherapy oils is released into the room, your treatment will begin with a gentle rhythmic sequence of auric massage to clear and balance energy. This treatment uses reiki and crystals 
Appointment time 50 minutes – £45

Lavender & Camomile – Beat Insomnia
This treatment combines massage, reiki, a single green tourmaline crystal.  This treatment can help to break the pattern of insomnia by allowing the mind and body to let go of anxious thoughts, and physical tension.  
Appointment time 50 minutes – £45

Add on treatments:

Guided relaxing meditation (with crystals & aromatherapy)
This is a wonderfully relaxing way to calm your mind and thoughts at the start of your treatment, you can add this session onto any 30 minute treatment.
Find out more about meditation and the benefits 
Appointment time 10 minutes – £5
Appointment time 20 minutes – £10

All products used in treatments are from the Neal’s Yard Remedies range

Bookings can be made on the 360 Flourish facebook page, at or by calling Alison on 0784 3478399.

Loyalty Rewards
Every time you have a treatment, and every time a booking is made from one of your referrals, you earn a loyalty unicorn stamp.  When you have 8 stamps, you get to choose a 30 minute treatment, a little treat to you because we care.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are available from £10, or you can gift a treatment.
Gift vouchers can be sent to you or the person you are gifting to online, or you can buy a voucher card from the Flourish Therapy Room. 


Bookings can be made on the 360 Flourish facebook page, at or by calling Alison on 0784 3478399

All aromatherapy treatments will be held at the Flourish Therapy Room in the East Yorkshire countryside.

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