Life coaching is a powerful talking therapy that has its roots in psychology.  *Julie came for emotional balance coaching and it was to be the start of a journey that would change her life.

Julie embarked on a set of 6 sessions, having already tried numerous other avenues to gain control over her anxiety and anger.   Psychologically, we know that feelings such as anxiety and anger are rooted in fear, however, this is rarely known to the client and often sits at a deep subconscious level.

At the first session I asked Julie to go back to the first moment that she recalled feeling anxiety, and together we explored the totality of the event; the time leading up to it, what happened afterward, and associated feelings from it.  We then explored a more recent event, and stripped it back to understand the reality of the anxiety associated to the event.  The aim is always to support the client respectfully in understanding the root cause, and the reality.  Our brains are complicated beasts and often distort and delete information, which can have us believing all sorts on non truths.  In this type of coaching I often use neuro linguistic programming to help clients reframe limiting beliefs and emotions (rewiring the brain, if you like).

From the first session it was clear that Julie felt she was ‘not good enough’, sadly this is a common occurrence in our era of social media and high flying ‘she can have it all’ pressures.  Julie’s reason, however, was not about either of those things, rather it was rooted in a parental situation that went back to childhood.  Over the course of the sessions we worked together to unearth the beliefs and emotional upset and change the perception of the current reality.  Each week Julie went away with tools to use in her journey to harnessing a calm and peaceful mind.

It is always heartwarming to watch the transformation and know that clients leave me in a better place, mentally.  Sometimes the journey is tough, and it always takes both parties full commitment to make the shift.

Working with Alison has helped me to overcome my anxiety, and find a sense of calm in my days

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s anonymity.


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