Month: September 2018


The Healing Power of Meditation

Neurological studies have proven that meditation changes the brain, promoting wellbeing across mind, body and soul.  In our chaotic world, could meditation be the answer to all of our problems? In this week’s wellbeing blog I’ll share my own journey into meditation and the three guided meditations I use with clients; one to relax, one to balance and one to heal.


Harnessing a calm mind in a hectic world

A calm mind promotes peace, confidence, and ultimately happiness.  This is what could be termed as having good mental health or wellbeing. What does a calm mind mean to you? This week I’ll be sharing three techniques that you can use to harness a calm mind.


Keeping your Mojo after 40!

Tom Clancy once said “life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die”. I say “life is amount movement; a fusion of mind and body working together, when you stop, it kinda all seizes up!” As a woman hurtling faster than I’d like to the big 50, I’ve experienced that inevitable shift and change in my body through my 30’s and 40’s.  This … Read More Keeping your Mojo after 40!